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I don't live in London can I still have a chart done?
Yes, I can still do your chart for you as long as you have access to Skype and a Paypal account.

What if I don’t know the exact time of birth?
Without an exact time of birth for you or for anyone else, 12:00 PM is used as a default. This is because at 12 Noon a person shows their greatest potential. Obviously, having a correct birth time will show a much greater accuracy and a fully rounded chart.

Why are there contradictions in my Birth chart?
We all utilise different aspects of our chart due to circumstances and life experience. The apparent contradictions arise because the chart depicts one’s persona throughout their entire life. Different planets and aspects will reflect different facets of a person’s life. For instance, one might have an extremely extrovert personality, but really be a very private person, giving nothing of their true self away. This would ‘appear’ to be a clash but in reality it is just the ascendant projecting itself to the outer world while the Sun remains hidden.

Do you accept credit cards?
I accept PayPal, which works with most major credit cards.