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Personalised Consultations
I specialise in Astrplogy charts in a one to one personalised consultations in London. I find this form of interaction leads me to the most in depth understanding of a client’s personal or relationship Birth chart. I will take down your birth details when we initially speak on the phone and assemble all the relevant information for our meeting. I like to spend a considerable amount of time preparing for my consultations with clients so that our time together is a unique experience and nothing is wasted. I generally spend from an hour to 2 hours on my consultations so we can review, analyse and understand everything that is going on in your world. So please prepare any questions or concerns you wish to raise as this helps me guide our time together down the most productive pathways.

Birth Charts
I specialise in personal Birth charts which emphasize your best potential in everything from personal relationships to career, education and health as well as your future path in life. I also specialise in Relationships (both romantic and platonic) as well as relocation Astrology. If you are a restless soul and considering a move for work or personal reasons I should be able to give you insight.

I am happy to meet couples but if only one of you can meet me, then I will need the partner’s birth details and obviously their permission for us to discuss the relationship.

I am happy to do charts and readings at Hen parties and any other female gatherings.

I also do readings via Skype.

What you need to know:
I will need a confirmed booking arrangement with you. Which will include all of your Birth details, date, time of birth and location.

I am happy to meet in central London in a quiet café. We can discuss an area that is convenient for you.

My prices are:
£80 for 1 hour’s personal one to one Birth chart. Every additional half hour is another £20.

£100 for 1 hour’s personal and relationship charts. Every additional half hour is another £20.

£250 for 2 hour’s Hen party or other social gathering.

£60 per hour for a Skype consultation.

Sally Hendeles
Mobile: 077 12 43 12 42 UK England